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We are well aware that many questions come to mind before making a purchase. That is why we’ve listed the most common inquiries we’ve received from past customers, so that you may receive the answer you’re looking for. If you still have a question for us, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


有折扣嗎?  Any Discount?


Our MSRP is based on many variables. So in order for us to affectively running the operation, at the same time providing good customer services, we won't be having any discount on the open market. Thank you for understanding.

Stack of Tires

退貨流程? Return Policy?


All Good Auto Parts products are coming straight from our manufacturers from South Korea, all orders are proceed ASAP in order to reduce the anxiousness that comes with waiting. In case of any major defacts, we will replace it ​straight up so everything will proceed without causing further delay.

Front of Car

套件安裝? Installation?

所有在All Good Auto Parts購買的空力套件,都可以在我們配合的廠商預約安裝(工資另計)。自行尋找安裝廠商也沒問題,安裝過程造成損壞,請向該廠商討論賠償問題,並與我們聯繫討論合適解決方案。

We do recommend to make a reservation with one of our approved auto shops (purchase do not include installation fees). Yet, it's not mandatory. You're free to go to your prefered auto shop, only we're not responsible for any damage occured. 

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